NewSkin Days 2023

PROGRAMME (under construction)

25th April 2023 – NewSkin Days Day 1:
Surface texturing and nano-coatings technologies

9:00 Participant Registration and Welcome

9:30 NewSkin Days 2023 Introduction

9:30 ALPHA-RLH, Romain Herault: Introduction of the NewSkin Days 2023
9:40 European Convention for Constructional Steelwork, Carlos Del Castillo: NewSkin OITB Introduction


10:20 Laser Technologies for advanced surface modifications
Moderator: Romain Herault, ALPHA-RLH
10:30 ALPhANOV, Girolamo Mincuzzi: Surface texturing by USP laser: from surfaces to products
11:00 AIMEN, Francisco Gontad: Laser texturing with 5 axes workstations: from direct fabrication of functional surfaces to their production through replication techniques of laser textured moulds
Bionic Surfaces, Mikel Lucas Garcia de Albeniz: Shark skin inspired surfaces for drag reduction: design, simulation and manufacture

12:00 - 13:30 Lunch and networking

13:30 Nano-coatings Facilities: PVD and Sol-Gel

Moderator: Valentine Glattard, Pôle Européen de la Céramique

13:40 Uppsala University, Tomas Kubart: Upscaling of advanced PVD coatings
14:10 Tecnalia, Fabiola Brusciotti: Nano-coating at TECNALIA: HiPIMS and sol-gel technologies
14:40 Leitat, Lorenzo Bautista: Automatized Controlled Deposition of Nano-Enhanced Coatings
15:10 Polyrise, Laurent Maurin

15:40 - 16:00 Coffee Break and networking

16:00 Mass production Functional and High-Performance Surfaces: Texturing During Moulding Processes
Moderator: Isabelle Tovena-Pécault, ALPHA-RLH
16:10 ITA-INNOVA, Elias Liarte: Texturing During Moulding (TDM). Design of micro/nano textures, Laser Engraving, Manufacturing and Testing
16:40 Leibniz University Hannover, Mirco Jonkeren: Surface texturing for friction reduction in industrial applications: influence, challenges and test possibilities
17:10 ML Engraving, Deborah Federici: ML Engraving in NewSkin. SMEs as a link between Industry and Research

17:40 NewSkin Days - Day 1 conclusion: Romain Herault

19:00 - 00:00 Social event & dinner (optional)
19:00 Visit of the historic centre of Bordeaux, a UNESCO world heritage
20:30 Dinner 


26th April 2023 – NewSkin Days Day 2:
Nano-enabled surfaces, membranes and testing facilities


9:00 Welcome

9:20 Introduction of the second Day
Pôle Européen de la Céramique, Valentine Glattard

9:30 Open Innovation Test Beds’ offer for industries and research
Moderator: Emilie Scheers, Pôle Dream
9:40 TECNALIA, Jose Luis Viviente Sole: INNOMEM: Open Innovation Test Bed for nano-enabled membranes
10:10 FRAUNHOFER FEP, Matthias Fahland: Flexfunction2sustain OITB
10:40 KETMarket, John Fahlteich: Convert2Green - Innovative and smart products from novel, climate neutral materials


11:10 - 11:30 Coffee Break and networking

11:30 Nano-enabled Surfaces and Membranes for the Water Treatment Industry
Moderator: Olga Ormond, AquaTT
11:40 TBC
12:10 Dublin City University,Yan Delaure: A methodology to identify surface texturing solutions to control cavitation inception in centrifugal pumps
12:35 Nanofaber, Noemi Fiaschini: Strategies for design, manufacturing and functionalization of electrospun ultrafine nanocoatings for antibacterial and antifouling membranes

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch and networking

14:30 NewSkin OITB Testing Facilities for nano-enabled surfaces

Moderator: Elvin Fetahi, CONFINDUSTRIA EMILIA

14:40 SIRRIS, Patrick Cosemans: Large scale precipitation icing testing of innovative ice-phobic surfaces
15:10 TECNALIA, Pablo Benguria & Marta Brizuela: Testing facilities for antifouling, anticorrosion and tribological coatings
15:40 CITRA: Demo-case: specific tests for thin films with tribological applications in temperature

16:10 – 16:30 Conclusion
17:00 End of the event



Tuesday 25 April 2023
Wednesday 26 April 2023
La Grande Poste, 7 Rue du Palais Gallien
33000 Bordeaux, France