Terahertz solutions for industry

How Terahertz could revolutionize your business ?


IMS UMR CNRS 5218, TeraView Ltd company with the support of ALPHA-RLH, Lasers & Microwaves french cluster and Laphia cluster organize on February 19th-20th, 2019 the second Technical Day on :


Terahertz solutions for industry

Building A31, at the University of Bordeaux.


The key points of the workshop :

Visits and presentation of technological means with demonstrations objectives :

- Present to the industrialists a current situation on this theme

Offer to the participants of the thorough knowledge 

- Poster session : Academics and professionals around terahertz projects related to industry applications

Discover examples of Terahertz applications and the corresponding industrial opportunities

- Network with specialists in this emerging field


Conference fees


Tuesday 19 February 2019
Wednesday 20 February 2019
Building A31, at the University of Bordeaux.,
33400 Bordeaux, France

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